Hollywood & Vine

A proposal for a one-hour documentary
Yvonne Montoya, Writer/Producer

 We are currently looking for Investors for this film.


Hollywood & Vine is about a place that began as a simple citrus grove in a temperance community newly founded on the principle of moderation, but with the arrival of the film industry transformed it into one of the most famous places on earth where people from all over the world came to see stars and become stars.


From a peaceful, farm-based temperance community near the Cahuenga Valley to its meteoric rise as the epicenter of the entertainment world, Hollywood & Vine will trace the history of the famous intersection and show how it shaped American pop culture.  The film will explore how the area transformed to make way for the growing entertainment industry.  Acres of citrus groves uprooted and replaced with high-rise buildings, banks, restaurants, theaters and studios. Within a few short years, its four corners would become home to legendary director Cecil B. DeMille who started what would become Paramount Studios on the corner of Selma and Vine. Katherine Hepburn, ClarkGable and Jimmy Stewart patronized its restaurants. It was here that Frank Sinatra would DJ forABC radio, where Bing Crosby hosted The Hollywood Palace and Lucille Ball starred in My Favorite Husband, all within a few blocks of each other. The ‘Movie Star’ was born at Hollywood & Vine along with our celebrity obsessed culture as fans began hanging around the area to see their favorite stars walking to the Brown Derby restaurant or shopping at the Broadway Department Store and waited to be discovered themselves.

The film will also chronicle the decline of the area as studios, agents and A-list actors migrated to places like Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Burbank. By the 1980s, police would report the once celebrated area around Hollywood & Vine lead the western part of the city in aggravated assaults, robberies and rapes.

Today though, the area is undergoing much needed revitalization. Visitors have their choice of upscale accommodations in the Redbury and W Hotel, and restaurants like Katsuya. Capitol Records occupies its original spot and the Pantages Theatre still draws patrons to their shows almost every night to see the best Broadway productions.

 Hollywood & Vine will show audiences the extraordinary story of how Hollywood & Vine achieved its iconic status and left an enduring mark on American pop culture.


I’m passionate about this film because it explores the origins of an area that has had a significant impact on American pop culture and history. The film will educate and entertain people all over the world with fantastic and compelling stories about how Hollywood & Vine went from a rural farming community to the center of the entertainment world.

This film will be a one-hour, narrated documentary divided into decades. I’m going to interview actors, historians, family members from prominent families mentioned in the documentary and reminiscences from those who worked at or patronized the restaurants, retail stores, or other businesses around Hollywood & Vine throughout the years as well as the current owners of some of the buildings still around like the Taft Building, Equitable Building, Avalon and Pantages.

The film will feature vintage footage of Hollywood & Vine, as well as Hollywood & Vine as it exists today. Archival photos, clips from movies and newsreels, newspaper clippings, radio programs, TV programs, maps, and letters will be included to visually animate this story.

The markets for this documentary are people not only associated with the entertainment industry–filmmakers, actors, musicians, writers–but also history buffs, travel enthusiasts and anyone who ever watched a movie, bought a fan magazine and dreamed about being part of the movies.


I have a letter of interest from PBS SoCal KOCE in Los Angeles. Brenda Brkusic Executive Producer of Program Development and National Productions at PBS SoCal said this of the film:

“PBS SoCal is pleased to offer support to the proposed documentary project, Hollywood & Vine. The proposal for this project promises to deliver a fascinating and provocative program about the story of the intersection of Hollywood & Vine – a subject that is clearly an important aspect of Southern California’s culture and history. The project fits well with our mission to serve our community with programming that educates and enlightens and we believe the program will be well received by our viewers.”

I also have fiscal sponsorship with From the Heart Productions, so any contribution will be tax deductible.


Yvonne Montoya graduated Cum Laude from Heidelberg University in Ohio with a BA in English. She moved to Los Angeles seven years ago from Ohio to pursue a career in the entertainment industry and graduated with honors from The Los Angeles Film School. For the past few years, she’s been producing in the independent feature world. Her films include the suspense, thriller “Janked” and she was a line producer for the feature “Hollywood Chaos.” She was also a writer and associate producer for “The BReaKiNG iNTo HoLLyWooD Show,” which aired to over 1.5 million viewers on Transit TV, The Los Angeles Metro TV station. She is now producing her first documentary for PBS.Yvonne is also the program director for the non profit group BReaKiNG iNTo HoLLyWooD and a contributor to Hollywood and Vine Magazine. She wants to tell stories that inspire, open minds and explore the world in which we live.

Angela Marie Hutchinson is a casting director, scriptwriter, former talent agent and the author of four books: her memoir “BReaKiNG iNTo HoLLyWooD” and three children’s picture books. Hutchinson produced her first feature film, “Hollywood Chaos,” which she also wrote and cast.
As a Casting Director, Hutchinson has cast veteran actors such as Billy Dee Williams, Vanessa Williams, Lynn Whitfield and other stars in movies, TV pilots, short films and web series. Hutchinson is a Chicago native with over 10 years of industry experience. She has worked for MGM, Warner Bros. Television and the GRAMMYs. In 2005, Hutchinson founded BReaKiNG iNTo HoLLyWooD (BiH), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that helps industry professionals pursue their entertainment careers with integrity, creativity and enthusiasm. Under the BiH umbrella, Hutchinson serves as the Editor-in-Chief of Hollywood & Vine magazine, Executive Director of the Hollywood & Vine Film Festival, and Executive Producer of “The BReaKiNGiNTo HoLLyWooD Show,” which aired daily on Transit TV with over 1.15 million viewers. An alumnus of the University of Michigan, Hutchinson earned her B.S.E. in Industrial & Operations Engineering. She also has a Cross-Media Journalism certificate from USC. In her leisure time, Hutchinson enjoys rollerblading, playing badminton and spending time with her husband and three young children.